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Enhance Recovery with Orofacial Post Surgical Care!

Experience the magic of optimized healing after facial surgery

What is Facial Surgery?

While there are different reasons to undergo facial surgery whether it is for cosmetic or medical necessity, there is no one else who offers recovery services like we do here at Allimeden. 


Our Orofacial Post Surgical Care Services

At Allimeden, Rebecka provides you with the best possible treatment to optimize your surgical outcomes. Our experts provide you with smooth and gentle rhythmic motions to reduce scar tissue, increase lymph flow and optimize function. 

Allimeden offers scar tissue release therapy services where our expert opts for effective techniques to decrease discomfort, fascial adhesions, or congestion of scar tissue. We communicate with you throughout the session to ensure you are comfortable during the therapy. 

Edema is swelling caused by excess fluid in the body tissues. Any body part can be affected by edema, but the more targeted body parts are the feet and legs. Medicines and pregnancy are also major causes of edema, including congestive heart failure, kidney disease, venous insufficiency, or liver cirrhosis.


At Allimeden, you get effective treatment for head and neck edema from our proficient specialist. Our expert delves into your issues related to edema and analyzes the causes of it.

Patients who encounter issues with TMJ Arthritis or deterioration due to improper chewing, opening, and closing the mouth may be recommended to have jaw joint replacement surgery. Some implants are designed to replace the complete joint, while others merely replace a portion, like the glenoid fossa or the temporomandibular joint disc. About Face offers jaw joint replacement recovery services for these specific patients.


Jaw joint replacements can help TMJ function, including chewing, opening, and closing the mouth. An artificial joint might not, however, be able to perform every motion of a natural joint.


Allimeden offers jaw joint recovery services to patients struggling with chewing or opening and closing the mouth post surgically.

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon usually performs some type of oral surgery. Oral surgery is carried out on your teeth, gums, jaws, or other oral structures. This includes extractions, implants, gum grafts, and jaw surgeries.


Sometimes oral surgery is recommended if you are struggling with eating or chewing. Allimeden has been providing oral surgery recovery services for years and has been successfully doing it. Rebecka is a certified specialist with remarkable skills in performing oral surgery recovery.

Cosmetic facial surgery focuses on improving the patient's facial appearance. Common surgical procedures include rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), rhytidectomy (facelift), browlift, genioplasty (chin augmentation), otoplasty (ear repositioning), liposuction, and fat transfer.


Medically necessary facial reconstructive surgery can range from life saving emergency surgery to airway optimization.  


We provide facial surgery recovery to optimize surgical outcomes. Rebecka is a certified specialist who are proficient at facial surgery recovery. At Allimeden, we welcome you, and Rebecka Clark ensures you are comfortable during the facial surgery recovery treatment.

Integrative Orofacial Functional Medicine & Recovery

Integrative Orofacial Functional Medicine & Recovery

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